Who doesn’t love the crackle and warmth of a fire? It triggers a primal reaction in us. We’re drawn to it and it calms us down. Unfortunately, traditional fireplaces come with lots of problems that just don’t fit well in our busy modern world.

  • They’re not efficient heat sources
  • Require a lot of cleaning
  • Chimneys need maintenance and are expensive to fix
  • Hauling logs around is no fun
  • Safety is always a concern

Electric fireplaces solve every one of these issues.

Electric Fireplace Efficiency:

Placing an electric fireplace in the room you spend the most time in allows you to turn down the heat in the rest of your home during the cold months.

Electric Fireplace Maintenance:

There is absolutely NO MAINTENANCE involved with electric fireplaces. It couldn’t be easier. No more soot to cleanout. No regular chimney maintenance. Nothing.

Chimneys, Inspections, & Building Codes:

Electric fireplaces obviously don’t require a chimney but if you have an existing fireplace with a chimney that’s cracked or needs some type of repair before you can use it again you won’t have to worry about that with an electric fireplace insert or electric log set. If you don’t have a chimney, no problem! Buy a wall mount or free-standing electric fireplace and place it where it fits best.

Fireplace Fuel:

Whether it’s a wood-burning fireplace or a gas fireplace, you won’t need to worry about fuel ever again. Not only that but the amount of electricity that is used is negligible in cost when compared to gas or wood.

Fireplace Safety:

Safety for your family is your number one priority and an electric fireplace is the best way to achieve this without giving up the usefulness of your existing fireplace. Plugin Flames provides articles, guides, and reviews of popular electric fireplaces so you can make an informed purchase decision. Whether you’re looking for an electric fireplace with the most realistic fire or need one to help heat a room, we’ll break down the details so you have the information you need.